Sunday, October 11, 2009

Everyone's a freak to someone, National Coming Out Day, and other thoughts.

Today is National Coming Out Day!  It is also, I just realized, the One Year Anniversary of this blog!  I cannot believe it has been a whole year.

The past two months have been very topsy turvey around here.  Things are beginning to settle down and you all should be able to receive much more frequent updates to this blog.  It is after all dedicated to those of us who come out later on in life, many of us having lived in the closet for years, many have married and also have children.  We know that our experiences are different from perhaps someone who came out at a younger age, or never married.  I sure hope to get this back on track as a forum to help each other get through it as best we can. 

I know you may be looking at that interesting graphic there about freaks, and maybe even thinking "Rebecca, I am sooooo not a freak!!"  LMAO.  That's funny, my first thought was HELL YES!!!  We all have SOMETHING about us that would seem absolutely freaky to at least one other person on this earth.  Even if it is as simple as eating fried bologna (love it, personally).  Now I know I have some other freaky habits (so not sharing those), Lorrie might even know of a couple that I don't even realize she thinks are freaky.  Anyway, Jay, over at the ever fabulous, always entertaining and sometimes too thought provoking, had a post up that if you wrote your freaky thing to him, he would send you a bumpersticker of the graphic above.  I have one, he actually generously sent two, one of which was claimed by one of Kevin's buddies.  He spoke first, he got it, I wasn't giving up mine, NO WAY!  From the reaction I got from Kevin's friends, I think he is really on to something there.  It sure makes you think while you are laughing to yourself!

OK, so back to National Coming Out was also the National Equality March in Washington D.C.  From the time I saw a post about this through "Join the Impact" I really wanted to go.  I couldn't, I knew I had school, my job wouldn't let me have the days off, I didn't know until last week that I was quitting my job though........LOL.  Yeah, in this economy.  A lot of stress lately has been coming from my job, my new supervisor decided that school was not important to me and decided that I should now work 10-12 hours a day and every Saturday.  I don't think she realized I am on a time table to finish in May, July at the latest........I have a country to move across damn it!!!  Sorry, but the job lost.  I can make it finding a part time job, and that shouldn't be too hard as Christmas season is closing in on us.

OOPS!   I got off track, (hate when I ramble) I was talking about the National Equality March in Washington D.C.  There are some great stories on it, and was much more successful than most media and politicians thought it would be, and even more successful than even the organizers may have imagined.  Here are some links to several news stories and the Google of the events:

Leah McElrath Renna from the Huffington Post



National Equality March Web Site Slideshow

Goombah's Rainbow

Google Search

Take care all and keep coming out of those prisons AKA "The Closet"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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