Monday, February 14, 2011

Let's catch up.......

OK, I am sorry, I suck at keeping up on the blog OK?  Actually, you know what it is? I realized finally that I don't like blogging about Lorrie and I anymore.  It feels too much like kissing and telling or something like that, LOL.  Oh we kiss still, lots and lots, and we don't wait months to see each other, although sometimes we do have to wait a few days here and there, and I can tell you all that the two of us are more in love since I moved here than either one of us thought was possible and we used to think the possibilities were enormous. I will tell you it is so damn much fun doing anything and everything together, and it is equally fun when we do absolutely nothing together too.   And I suspect when Lorrie is chasing me around the yard with her cane at 85 it will still be fun!!!!  I suspect maybe I should get over blogging about Lorrie and I.  She'll let me know if she doesn't like something, and I can apologize then...... or she can just delete it if she doesn't like it, LOL.  We just wanted to help other women like us when we started it, we can't help if we don't share the things that we have gone through.  You just won't get so many kissing blogs maybe?

Lorrie took me to New York this last weekend for Valentines Day.  We went to see Melissa Ferrick in concert at the City Winery, she was wonderful, so was Melissa Ferrick, lol.  It was the first time we stayed in a hotel since I moved here.  It was fun, not at all stressful nor bittersweet like it was for so many years......

Lorrie held my hand as we walked all over the city....... I think that was my favorite part.  I haven't told her that, but it was.  Once upon a time it worried her to hold my hand in public, people might see, people might think things, people might care.  In our travels around the city I don't think it occurred to her someone might care, I don't think she cared anymore if they did care...... We have come so far together, I can't wait to keep going further together. Always holding hands as we help each other along this path called living a life.

I am going to try to stay true to reaching out to women who came out or are coming out later in life, letting them know it's an odd little road full of twists and turns and even falls but that it's worth it, its so worth it. Even if you never find your soul mate or true love, there is something amazing and wonderful about just living an authentic life that brings its own joy. And of course, I am going to offer up my own insights into life, love and the political arena here and there, because I just can't keep my mouth shut sometimes.  And I keep on thinking of stuff, like what I really have been wanting to talk about, even if it isn't what you really wanted to read.

Can I ask you all a question for a possible future post?  Can a belief bear fruit at all?  Either good or bad? Are beliefs a fruit of the Spirit? And if one was to look at some of our own beliefs and realized they bore fetid fruit, can we discard them and replace them with beliefs that bear good fruit?   I have the opinion that beliefs do bear fruit, both good and bad.  I have the opinion that this country (and ourselves) need to take a good hard look at some of it's beliefs that are bearing a lot of fetid, rancid, sickly fruit.  Not all of them are about the gay community, but I will certainly focus on those more than the others.

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