Monday, July 12, 2010

The Philadelphia Story........

I think we should let you know, I live in Pennsylvania.  Just outside of Philly.

How easy and simple that sounds now.  How wonderful and exciting it is to finally be here, to have a place, at last, at long last, to call my home.  We made it, Lorrie and I made it and we did it together.  It is still sinking in, but I am here with my lady love and it is more amazing than either one of us thought it would be.

I have a Pennsylvania drivers license, I am registered to vote, have a good job and am more in love with Lorrie than I thought possible, because I thought I was already as in love with her as much as was humanly possible.

I have been here 5 weeks now. (She's on a business trip right now, so I have a little time to write, lolololol........ Lorrie said I should let you know that we have been having too much sex to write anything before now ;-)

This last year has sure seen a lot of changes for both of us, Lorrie finally decided to get a divorce this winter, and no, not because I was moving here, lol.  She just had enough, it was that simple, enough of it all.  At first, when she told me, I was sorry that they couldn't stick it out and just co parent.  But well, now, I am really glad, lol.  And that is all I will say about that :)

Just so I come back and write again, I am going to leave off there for now, I gotta tell you about Leaving Reno, lol.  It was an adventure if nothing else!  I hope you are all doing well, I miss the blogosphere, but I think last year it was better that we didn't write so much, it was a bit stressful for both of us, but now, no stress, only joy!
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