Saturday, September 19, 2009

It sure is quiet over here........Where the hell is she?

Hey folks, I need to apologize for not writing, or even not writing to tell you why I am not writing!  There are a few reasons, but the number one reason has been pretty simple, I don't have any story  Gone, blank, zero, zilch and nada!  I know there is tons to write about, but it isn't flowing right now.  I had this problem before and know that once the dam breaks I won't be able to stop, and will write drafts to post later so I don't do 10 in one day, LOL.

Another reason has been other things popping up, like school starting again, but I have the same blockages there as I do here this semester and that is really not good.

Also the boys dad was in a head on collision three weeks ago, it was very much touch and go for about a week until he had another one of his miraculous recoveries.  He is home (in California) now, and doing well.  He broke his sternum and several vertebrae so will be wearing a shell for many months.  The accident inflamed his chronic pulmonary edema, and that was what made it touch and go.  It subsided finally and they put a pacemaker in on Monday.  He is feeling good and has a positive outlook. The boys are delighted he is doing so well and we will be driving to California tomorrow so they can visit with him. 

Well, before I disappear again, I want to let you all know about a blog that was brought to my attention via Twitter.  It is called:  D.M. SOLIS, AUTHOR'S FORMAL BLOG.  D.M is a freelance columnist, poet and fiction writer, she blogs about creativity, social justice and relationships.  She writes poetry and lyrics as well.  I have really been enjoying reading all of her posts.  Especially the post entitled "How Do We Find Our Life's Passions?"  While I wait for my creative dam to burst, or Lorrie to post something, I know you will enjoy reading hers!
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