Thursday, December 11, 2008

Could we be "allergic"?

OK, this post is for fun, and maybe science...
(You may not and probably don't know this, but I think science, well scientists, especially one in particular, is/are very, very SEXY!!!)
Lorrie and I were talking on the phone this afternoon, as we do every day, and somehow we got to talking about how we would have to wash off the sperm right away after sex with our husbands, (when we were still in denial, LOL)because it would a.)burn and/or b.)itch like crazy..........SO OF COURSE we both said, "I used to think I was maybe allergic!!" OK, OK, I am still giggling about it, sorry.....
Now, we know we are not lesbian's because we are allergic, but we are wondering if we are allergic because we ARE lesbians?
Please, someone reply to this one, we need to hear your thoughts or experiences for the sake of "science!!"
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