Saturday, December 27, 2008

Thinking About The New Year.......And The Old

Wishing you and yours only the best of New Years.....
I am looking forward to the New Year, I am actually excited about it. I have never made a list of New Year's Resolutions if you want to know the truth...But I have a few for this year!
They are:

  1. Quit Smoking, OMG Lorrie will love this one!
  2. Drop the 20 lbs that just keep hanging on to me. I know how to do it, I have just been lazy.
  3. Quit procrastinating about things like Dr.'s and Dentists appointments. I have gotten a lot better recently about procrastinating in general, but still do it in these two areas.
  4. Pay attention especially in my HTML/XHTML class so I can make the blog interactive with a discussion forum.
Another reason to be excited is that Lorrie and I will have some time together towards February! I can't wait to have her beautiful sexy self right in front of me where I can lean over and just kiss her if I want to!

Last year was definitely mixed for me. My oldest son gave me quite a few gray hairs before he finally moved out. I love him very much, but he wanted to "rule the roost" and do only what he wanted to do, which did not include going to school or working, LOL. I think his tone has changed quite a bit lately.
Lorrie and I connected on a new higher level and fell deeper in love with each other than we thought was possible.
I have enjoyed having just alone time with my younger son, something the two of us have really never experienced before.
I came out to my entire family, including my very fundamentalist brother and his wife. My Sister-in-law sent me a Christmas card and has forwarded me a few emails, but the closest I got from hearing anything from my brother is a chain email, LOL, maybe he was fishing to see if I would open up discussion, or maybe I was just on that mailing list. I don't know how to begin the discussion if you want to know.
My dad, who spent most of my youth instilling in me that one of the most important things in life is what other people think of you and one must behave according to all social norms and dictates, was the
only one in my family who always suspected I was a lesbian. ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
I think I am really, really over trying to please other people because of rejection.
The one sister I had not yet come out to was shocked, but OK with me being a lesbian. She said she was glad I finally found someone who really loves me and whom I love just as much.
So, what are your New Year Resolutions?? And how was your 2008?
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