Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Good Year...and Looking Forward!

2008 was a good year….I spent some wonderful long weekends away with Rebecca in Philadelphia, Baltimore and Rehoboth Beach and a wonderful week with her in Reno. The more time I spend with her, the more time I want to spend with her. It feels so wonderful, so right, I am so at home wherever we are!
I had a good trip with my kids to California. We visited many places in the LA area..we even managed to track down the Jonas Brothers house making my daughter very happy!
I came out to my sister-in-law and my sister. Both were very supportive. I started doing more things in the area with a lesbian group. Slowly, but surely..I am getting out there!
I had some worrisome moments with my job. After 23 years of employment, we were going through a staff reduction. I had to reapply for my job; 17 pages later and 7 weeks after reapplying I was accepted into my current position. So, yes, I can still be referred to by Rebecca as her Sexy Scientist! Job security is something that we will all have to worry about in the coming years; there is no more taking your job for granted.
It has been a good holiday season! My kids (15 and 10) had a good Christmas…at least they better think they had a good Christmas, lol. (The credit card bills show how good it was for them.) Even though I didn’t get to spend the holidays with Rebecca in person, we are always together; together in a phone call, an email, a chat, a thought, a visual, a dream; together in that feeling that goes through my whole body when I think of her, the way my heart feels and the way a smile forms on my face each time of think of being with her! Everyday during the Christmas week, I received a wonderful thought and “body provoking” email that exhibited the deep love and desire that Rebecca has for me…each and every “story” was better than the last. They were wonderful and so is she…wonderful and creative and loving and desirable!! As you can tell, I really really enjoyed them!
So now it is January. I put the Christmas decorations away today. I have to go back to work on Monday..ugh! But the kids also go back to school..back to their routine and not spending bunches of money everyday, lol. The Eagles are in the playoffs by some miracle! They play tomorrow…keeping my fingers crossed, but not holding my breath because after all..they are the Eagles!
But best of all, I have something wonderful to look forward to!! The end of January I am making a trip out to Reno to visit Rebecca!!!! I can’t wait!! I miss her and can’t wait to see her…in person!!!
So let’s all hope there are no major snowstorms in the Philadelphia or Reno area the end of January!!!
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