Saturday, February 21, 2009

Finding New Friends

Lately, there have been a number of things I have wanted to blog about, but I have been having a kind of writers block, seriously. I think it is because this semester, all my classes are requiring me to write A LOT! Tons, actually, and the classes that I do not have to write so much in, are still requiring more homework from me.
One of the things I really have been wanting to do on here is promote some of the other blogs I really enjoy reading. Some are by late in life lesbians, some are by "realized it in my 20's after trying the straight thing" and some are lesbians that are just plain fun to read.
Since starting this blog, I have discovered a few blogs by women like Lorrie and I, not exactly like us, but going through the same process of coming out and finding their identities and loves. Or loves and then identities.....One thing I have noticed is that each of us must follow our own path, and what I really like about each of these is that while taking different paths, we seem to all be ending up very much in love and on our way to healing our pasts. My favorite blogs so far in this category are:
In the category of general lesbian themed blogs:
In the category of Lesbian's of Faith:
And in activist/political and coming out:
If you have some favorite blogs, go ahead and use the comments to let us know about them!
Hope to be writing more soon!!!
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