Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Only Agenda Really Is Love

Two years ago was probably the first time Lorrie and I ever mentioned marriage and our views on it. It was about then that we realized we really were in love, that it wasn't just a crush or fabulous lust, although those things were and still are, certainly involved, LOL.
Our discussion was simple, no way, no how. I personally had been referring to marriage as the pre-divorce ceremony for a number of years. And besides, why did we need to get married anyway, what I have will go to my kids, and what Lorrie has, will go to hers we said.
But then when we were together I would find myself holding back from blurting out "will you marry me?" And one time Lorrie confessed she felt the same way. Again we reiterated we didn't really want to get married and besides, Lorrie, technically, already is. We were just feeling the love so to speak.
So in November I Joined The Impact and have marched and demonstrated in Reno. I have written an article on Pam's House Blend about "traditional Biblical" marriage in order to point out the hypocrisy of the anti marriage folk and show how fluid and encompassing the concept of marriage really is. I have posted to many forums about why same-sex marriage isn't such a silly idea and that the amendments in many states are really unconstitutional under the 14th amendment.
Why? Because damn it, someday I really, really want to stand up before our friends and family and celebrate my love for and with the woman I am already spiritually joined with in a truer marriage than my previous one ever was. I wouldn't mind a commitment ceremony, it certainly says I love you and I am completely committed to Lorrie. But I personally am offended by the anti love amendments, I want it to be a full fledged union that is recognized as legitimate in every State in America damn it! I know it's already legitimate, Lorrie knows our love is legitimate, but I want MY COUNTRY, where my ancestors have lived for 200+ years and have founded two towns, where I pay my taxes, have raised my children to be good citizens, where I would fight and die personally for all our freedoms, to say that my love is equal under the law and deserving of all the rights and privileges that I hold so sacred as an American.
I want Lorrie and I to marry (if she'll have me) as full citizens of the United States.
Oh, when she was here last week, I finally told her I really do want to marry her, I think she liked the idea.....
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