Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's the Little Things....

Sharing the bathroom as we get dressed

Watching her drink her coffee

Pushing the cart in the grocery store for her

Holding her hand while I am driving the car

Running my fingers across her back while walking around

Feeling her fingers on my back while walking around

Sitting at a restaurant rubbing my leg against hers under the table

Watching her expressions as she talks to me

Watching her expressions as she looks at me

Helping her put a necklace on

Running my hands through her hair

Feeling so at home and happy when I am in the same room with her

Watching her laugh…I love to watch her laugh

Laughing with her

Touching her face as I look at her

Opening the door for her

Her opening the door for me

Talking with her face to face…about anything and everything..Oh yes!

….I’m sure there are many many more things. Little things that make me fall even deeper in love with her every time we are together. And the little things that make me miss her so very very much when we are apart.
Rebecca, I love the little things…of course, I love the big things too!! But most of all, I LOVE YOU….totally and completely!!
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