Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Love Poem...

Nothing can describe, the way I feel for you
Your love is warm and precious
Your heart so pure and true
Heavens angels brought
To knock upon your door (or email to your inbox)
To give you all my love
To keep you wanting more
The special bond we share, will guide us on our way
To a perfect life were dreams come true
What more can I really say
We were brought together, never will we part
Your my special gift
Your my shining star
I'll love you unconditionally
With all my heart and soul
I'll never break your spirit
I'll always keep you whole
~by Susanta Bandha~

Can you imagine being married for 19 years and never feeling comfortable saying these words to your husband? I can! But then something wonderful happened to me...after the age of 40, I decided to explore those long suppressed feelings and desires I had for women...and amazingly I met her...the woman I can say those words to and not only feel comfortable saying them but relish the feeling that runs through my heart as I say them!!

In the past two years since meeting My Love, my body and soul have been awakened, that missing puzzle piece has been found!!

We are sure there are more stories like ours out there! We would love to hear them!
Posted By LORRIE
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