Monday, March 30, 2009

Do What Feels Right

At my desk at work, I have a candy wrapper from a dark chocolate Dove bar hanging on my tack board. You know, one of the wrappers with a message inside. The message on this wrapper was “Do What Feels Right.”

Words to live by…from a candy wrapper!

My love for Rebecca feels right.
I feel right in her arms.
She feels so right in my arms.
Kissing her feels right.
My fingertips all over her body feel right.
Being together with Rebecca doing anything feels right.
Going to sleep with her at night and waking up with her in the morning, feels right.

Being the best Mom I can be for my kids, feels right.
Being here at night when they go to bed feels right.
Sitting on the sofa at night with my son and my dog lying beside me until they fall asleep, feels right.
Getting ready for work in the morning, while the kids get ready for school, feels right.

Someday, my two feels right worlds will combine and feel wonderfully right together!!

Live your life doing what feels right.
Discovering as a forty something, that I am in love with a woman….FEELS RIGHT!
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