Saturday, April 4, 2009

Could You Go Back In The Closet?

I some how managed to get into a conversation with a commenter on "The Lesbian Said What?"
The post was Losing Friends to Jesus. The comment by Kris (a non-lesbian), directed at Ceara, that attracted my attention included this: "You want your life style to be acceptable. It isn’t. It’s really simple the explanation. It’s we as people who make it difficult. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. Ceara God loves you. He can not look on sin. When you purposely choose to live in sin and say it’s okay Christians cannot be around that."

OK, now you all know me well enough, maybe, to know that one could not be left to sit there.
We commented back and forth, but while thinking about what she was really, really saying, I realized something I hadn't before, I would rather die than go back into the closet. So I told her that:

Your last email(I meant comment) has made me think, if I had to go back, what would I do? And I am not just saying this, I have never been suicidal, nor am I, but this is my conviction, THIS IS MY PRAYER. If for what ever reason I was forced to go back into that lifestyle of being who I am NOT, I would rather fight to the death for my rights not to, or receive the death penalty than go back in the closet, because that is all it would be.
I am still waiting for her to continue the conversation, but I am not sure she will. I meant it.
How can we make these people understand that it is death to live that lie? Spiritual, emotional, psychological and even, damn it yes, even a physical death to live in the bondage of denying who we are.

OK, Ladies, what are your thoughts on this one?

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