Friday, April 24, 2009

This Semester is Almost Over....And I Have Been Thinking...Again...

And it can't end soon enough!!! I over loaded my schedule and then work started requiring OT and Saturdays too! County libraries do not seem to be having too many financial troubles this year damn it.

This Friday, Lorrie and I are traveling to my little sister's place, I just got an email from her with an itinerary, OMG NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have told her several times we just want to visit and relax, but she seems bound and determined to force us to see Oklahoma. Sigh. I think Lorrie's and my patience will be sorely tested. At least we aren't driving out to her place the first night, we will stay near the airport. We need that "re-connecting" time, we sure do, we so very much do, WE SVFGDMUCH DO!!!!!!!!!! sooooo......can we change our plane reservations to say, maybe, Chicago??? What do you think Baby?? LOL.

I love my little sister very much and she is very excited to be meeting Lorrie and all, I guess we can't disappoint her...I guess.....after all she was the first family member, after the ex and my boys, I came out to and she has always been very, very, very supportive and happy for me.

She and I are really only a year apart, and most of the time growing up it felt like we were not just sisters but twins. Still, I used to pay her a dollar sometimes NOT to hang out with my friends and I, when she was pesty sometimes, (Gawd I was a mean sister!) but my friends were her friends too as hers were mine also. She would come find us after about an hour anyway, and I didn't always have another dollar, LOL.

I wish my sister lived in another state, traveling to the South right now doesn't feel so comfortable. Lorrie and I have become used to holding hands in public without much thought, we've stayed here in Reno or Philly or gone to cities that are more forward thinking. My sister isn't sure what we may encounter if we were to do that there, she said probably just name calling, no violence. It is a college town at least, but we won't hold hands just to be safe.

What a thought, that here, in the United States, we have to monitor our natural feelings of love and affection for each other to avoid verbal or even physical abuse.

I have read some comments about LGBT activists lately, they say that we just want to push our lifestyle on other people. They wouldn't hurt so much but they have been written by LGBT people themselves. I really don't care if someone doesn't wish to advocate for equal rights. We are after all a large group of people who believe most of the bad that is said about us. I have found many in the community just want things to quiet down and quit drawing attention to ourselves. If we didn't believe the bad, we would have made a bigger noise in the early 70's after Stonewall and Anita Bryant, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson began the Anti-Gay Industry. We believe it because that is how we were raised, it is deeply ingrained.

But advocating for every human being's equal rights is something I do. I have for most of my life. It hasn't always been LGBT rights, it had been for every ethnic minority, every disabled person and every woman. It is LGBT rights right now, because this time it is the most personal.

Why do I fight for human rights? I seem to have been born with, or very early on developed, something in me that finds injustice of any kind offensive. Really offensive. See, I believe all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. I do not seek a Utopia, I don't believe they exist. But I do believe that when the majority of people treat each other as they themselves wish to be treated, then we can have a better, if not perfect world.

That LGBT people are discriminated against, in their day to day lives, within the courts, within their places of employment and in housing, is injustice of the worst kind. Life isn't always fair, but we should always strive to make it JUST. After all, don't we talk about judgment day? In the end, justice will always be served.

I do not seek anything at all for LGBT persons except freedom from fear, the freedom to live where we want, the freedom to work where we want, the freedom to choose as my heir the person I love, but most of all, I fight for the freedom to love fully and completely whom my heart has chosen.

I fight because I have hope that people will become more accepting, I hope because then the next generation of LGBT youth may not have to hate themselves so much, that women like me do not take such drastic measures to deny who they are so that their family will love them. I have hope that no more men, women and children will be hurt and families torn apart because we married so we could become more acceptable to society as a whole, but then found that life utterly unbearable. I hope we are more accepted so that gay men, lesbian women, bi-sexuals and transgender folks are no longer called names, beaten and murdered.

I fight because right now, our society has made being gay so evil, so wretched, that two boys, from two different cities, recently committed suicide because their school peers kept calling them gay. These boys did not identify as gay, they were both 11, they both believed being called gay was so bad, so awful they no longer wished to live.

You don't have to fight for your rights, there will always be people that will do it for you, I don't have to fight either, there will always be someone else. I just need to, it is who I am. I like who I am.
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