Thursday, April 30, 2009

Counting down the seconds.........

37 hours......
We added the countdown clock over on the right as a fun way to mark the time until we are physically together. I also have one on all my desktops, even here at work....LOL, how distracting! Like I really need a reminder of when I will be with Lorrie again. I don't, trust me, but then I am a dork, and a geek and Lorrie really really loves me anyway.

Lorrie is simply amazing. She is intelligent, loving, kind, patient, sexy, beautiful, the best lover in the world, passionate, sexy, fun, funny and did I say very, very sexy?

The past 3 months have been way too long for me, and Lorrie too....I am glad we only have to wait another year! But right now, I am very, very glad we only have 37 hours until we are together!!!

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