Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lorrie's Ramblings

I took the day off yesterday. A day all to myself!!! I didn’t tell anybody I was taking off. The kids got up and went off to school. The H went off to work. I got up and showered and dressed as if I was going to work and after the bus left went back in the house and began MY DAY!!
It was wonderful. I didn’t do anything except for things for ME! Watched a movie, went shopping, went out for lunch, listened to my IPOD and enjoyed my alone time! We all need these days and should be sure to enjoy them from time to time!

I really enjoyed Clever Creative’s blog yesterday about sex with GG! Wow, how it made me really really miss Rebecca. Sex with Rebecca is (referring to one of my past blogs) SVFGDAmazing!!!!!!!!!! But what I think said the most on CCT’s blog were the blank lines…she is left speechless when with GG. I can never find the words to describe how wonderful I feel when with Rebecca. WOWWWWWWWWW!!!

So today I was back to work and my regular routine, at least it was a busy day at work and went by quickly. I did have the pleasure tonight of driving my daughter and 4 of her friends around. What an eye opening car ride, listening to 5 fifteen year olds talk about boys and going to the formal and what is going on between this boy and that girl. It was all I could do at one point not to hyperventilate, LOL. I did think about telling them to stick with their girlfriends, they will be much happier in the long run…but of course I didn’t. I have been lucky to this point as my daughter has been so busy with lacrosse and field hockey and her love for the Jonas Brothers that there isn’t much time left over for those “regular” boys! I’m thinking maybe I should keep a paper bag handy for the next car ride with the girls!

Really all I am doing these days is counting down the days until I am going to be with Rebecca again….17 days!!! I CAN’T WAIT!!!
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