Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look At Who Is On Our Side

Rob Thomas on the Huffington Post -- "I believe the fact that an atheist, who doesn't believe in God at all, is allowed to enter into the holy land of marriage while a gay Christian is not, shows that this law is arbitrary. Are we to believe that anyone who doesn't live their life according to the King James Bible isn't protected by the same laws that protect those who do? Using the same argument that I've seen on the 700 Club, that would mean that Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim weddings are also null and void. "

This wasn't the blog I sat down to write, but I just had to check out a headline about something or other on My Google first, and that led me to the story know how it is on the internet when you start clicking links, LOL, sometimes, you can find little nuggets of gold along the way.

The blog I sat down to write was going to go hand in hand with the post on Blogging For Truth, but after reading the article by Rob Thomas, YES the singer-songwriter, I decided to blog about our supporters. Cause the truth is we have amazing supporters. Maybe the Truth is we have been taught for so long to be down on everyone and everything and it looks like even President Obama has pushed us to the back of the bus if not under it, and maybe sometimes we even get down on ourselves that maybe we forget WE ARE WORTH FULL HUMAN RIGHTS!

Just look at the caliber of those who are on our side:

Not only Rob Thomas but Coretta Scott King, Julian Bond, Ariana Huffington, Nancy Pelosi, the Iowa Supreme Court: Chief Justice Marsha K. Ternus, Justice Mark S. Cady Justice Michael J. Streit, Justice David S. Wiggins, Justice Daryl L. Hecht, Justice Brent R. Appel and Justice David L. Baker. Mary Griffith, who learned the hardest way you can what the hate can do, and wrote A Prayer For Bobby. The 13-member Washington D.C. Council, the Legislatures of Vermont and Maine and Maine's Governor, writers D. Allen Kerr and Annie Proulx. There are so many many more, I don't even know their names. Hundreds of Rabbis and Synagogues. Literally thousands of Pastors, Ministers, Deacons and Laypersons with in the Christian Church. Some Muslim Mosques and Temples, most American Buddhists and Taoists and each of these religions has millions, yes millions of members who also believe in our rights not because any of these are LGBTQ themselves, but because they believe it is only fair, only right, only human and only how God, no matter how God is named, would want them and us to treat our fellow human beings.

And there are within our own community not only the names like singer Melissa Etheridge and Ellen Degeneres, but Dr. Mel White, actor Sir Ian McKellen, internet activist John Aravosis, author David Benjamin Mixner, journalist David Brill, Matt Foreman of The Task Force, the, author Joseph Beam, activist Cleve Jones, and all the bloggers and "citizen journalists" just like you that every day share their experiences, hopes, dreams, heartbreaks and news items with the world. The millions of LGBTQ that march, write, speak out and get the hell out of the closet. You may not realize it but even the little everyday things touch somebody somewhere and maybe even change a mind or two. And isn't that really how a movement begins and grows and wins? One mind, one heart, one soul being touched by another and finding their world changed for the better.
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