Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Semester is Over, and of course Oklahoma!

Finally the semester from hell is OVER!!! And I seem to have passed everything! There was some doubt on one of my classes, maybe two of them but somehow I pulled them through PHEW.

I know I have whined a little about it, and even used it as an excuse for not blogging nearly enough, however I have no excuses for the summer so I need to make up for things.
During finals, as you know, I flew to Oklahoma to be with My Love and I know I needed that! And I know Lorrie did too! I think being with Lorrie let me pass Algebra, yeah, Algebra, LOL. Anyway I had been way too stressed about it and it was good to relax before the final because I got through it.

Oklahoma was a lot of fun, of course Lorrie and I were together and we can bear anything as long as we are together. My sister and Roy are great hosts, I ditto what Lorrie said there. It rained most of the time we were there, so the itinerary was off, yes Virginia, there is a God!! LOL, OK, I don't want to hurt Kathy's feelings but just hanging out with them, seeing the town and their property was exactly what we needed. I think I may have mentioned before that Lorrie is the absolute love of my life and that every moment with her is just wonderful, no matter what we are doing. When we are together, I am always at peace and whole.

We behaved in public and so everything was fine. It did feel weird to remember not to hold her hand or give her a quick kiss as we were walking around, but we managed. At least at dinner I could gaze into her eyes while we talked! And my sister's back patio and yard is wonderfully landscaped so that it is very private, we could hold hands while we sat there and talked with Kathy and Roy. I really enjoyed walking around Stillwater and seeing the campus and my sister's office, I have always been proud of her and now I can picture her working there.
That's Lorrie with Joy and Roy with Sunny and Biko on OSU campus--->

We had some rather strange meetings with some folks though. When we got back to the hotel after going out for some Italian, we met a rather drunk "gentleman" at the elevator who after he got in, saw a friend headed towards us, and proudly informed us that his friend had a 12 inch c%#k! LMAO. The big 12 incher then got on the elevator with us and we rode up listening to the drunk ramblings of the first guy, I can't remember what else he said because well, I was soooooooooooo tempted to say that mine was only 9" but thought better of it at the last moment. I think Lorrie would have been mortified! (She may be mortified I just blogged that) LOL! We ended up not saying anything at all because well, frankly, we didn't really care! But we died laughing when we got back in the room.

I learned that most Oklahomans drink iced or hot tea, not coffee, Kathy proudly showed us their new Starbucks, first in the town, and brand spankin' new! Wow! 2009 and they just got their first Starbucks!!! If you looked at one of the quizzes you saw I am a coffee drinker. I do indeed drink it from morning till night. Now if you go to Oklahoma or Stillwater at least and you order coffee they bring you a cup of it. Then you have to ask for the cream to go with it, then if you want a re-fill you have to ask for it, every-single-time. At first I thought the wait staff just wasn't very good, but I realized that wasn't it at all. Lorrie, the tea drinker, had an endless supply of re-fills, whether she wanted them or not! It was just that they aren't used to us coffee drinkers at all and don't know how to treat us. Kathy confirmed this fact later on. Roy had to dig her percolator out of the attic for me. (That man is a saint!)

One of the things that Lorrie and I did before we went, was a web search for a local LGBT bar. And we discovered there wasn't one. There is a bar called the Stonewall Inn (after the Civil War General Stonewall Jackson, not Stonewall 1969, NY City) The review said that while it wasn't a "gay" bar, it was the only one that was accepting. So when Kathy and Roy wanted to show us the night life, we asked them if they knew about the Stonewall. They did. Roy plays Foosball there often it seems! And he is really really good at it too. So Monday night, because Saturday night was Lorrie and mine "alone", and all bars and liquor stores are closed on Sunday.......we went Monday night. And as Lorrie said, we played table shuffleboard and Foosball. I had the good fortune to have Roy as my teammate in Foosball and we beat the hell out of Lorrie and Kathy!!! Has Lorrie ever mentioned the competitor in HER? LOL. God it felt good to finally win against her! Whoops! (Oh Baby! I love the competitor in you!)

After a number of beers, I felt nature call. When I came out of the stall, I was greeted by this young, blond, perky, co-ed, She said HOWDY!!!! I said HI! (big mistake) LOL. As I was washing my hands this young lady started talking to me. She told me she was from Colorado and her parents sent her to OSU because it was conservative. They wanted her to be influenced by good conservative people. She was telling me all about this misery she felt and she kept getting close and talking to me very close, she was making me very, verrrrrrrrry nervous! It seemed like she was going to kiss me in the Stonewall bathroom! Sorry, I ONLY kiss Lorrie in the bathrooms of bars, airports and restaurants!

So in my glorious panicked state, I suggested she come meet my sister, brother-in-law and my GIRLFRIEND. I really wanted out of there badly. She said great! Let's go. Her name was Stephanie. As we approached the table, all I could see was LORRIE!!!!!! And this LOOK on her face!!! I needed a Southwest ding, and I needed it 20 minutes ago!!! I don't remember much, all I could think in my head was, "I didn't do anything, don't kill me Baby, strays just always follow me home"...but I KNOW I introduced her to my sister and Roy and MY GIRLFRIEND!

Once she met everyone, I sat next to (nearly on top of) Lorrie, and held on to her hand. For dear life! I almost fell out of my chair when Stephanie told us she was horny and had a dildo and asked me if I was a lesbian. Then she laid a big sloppy kiss ON LORRIE, never knowing how close she came to being slapped!!! Salvador Dali himself could not have painted how I was feeling at that moment. Fortunately she REALLY LIKED my sister. Somehow she got my sister to go to the bathroom with her and grabbed her breast! My sister ran out of there, and Stephanie followed her back!

You know I am making light here, but really it was very sad. Stephanie was very very drunk, she hated that she was in OK, she hated Stillwater and she was mad at her parents because she felt they just didn't want her, and she was literally offering sex to strangers so they would buy her shots. (later on rather blatantly) I did buy one round, but in no way shape or form wanted sex with her and was very sorry when she ordered SOCO's, yeck, and then I was even sorrier she didn't just pass out afterwards. That would have been merciful.

The night just kept getting weirder when her boyfriend (just where had he been this whole time?) came along and wanted to get friendly with Lorrie and I and kept hugging me. The evening ended with Stephanie offering to blow Roy for a couple of shots (YES REALLY!) and after that one, the four of us literally RAN out of the bar!!!!!!!!!! 20 years in Nevada, nor any other time in my life, I have never had a night, nor met anyone like that!!! While really weird and maybe even funny, Stephanie was the saddest girl I had ever met. I hope her parents let her come back to Colorado. Their intentions may have been good, but we all know where good intentions lead.....

I can't say much more than that. It is wonderful to be with Lorrie no matter where we are. I love her beyondly, and can't wait until next year!!!!! Oh, and don't ever say Hi or Howdy to me in a bathroom, I just won't answer back........
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