Sunday, May 31, 2009

This Blog Will Return To It's Regularly Scheduled Content Now.....

Blogging for Truth Week is over, but Blogging for Truth is never finished.
Until next year I think it is best that most, but not all, of the political commentary has found a new, good home.
Back to blogging about coming out, families, love, life and the pursuit of happiness.

I am so very proud of the Nevada Legislature right now, I am beaming almost as much as when I talk to Lorrie. I am proud of us Nevadans, LGBT and Straight who really fought for this one, as well as AB1 (The anti Fred Phelps Law) was also passed as was SB207 which prevents discrimination in places of public access. But AB 184 was defeated. It protected persons from discrimination because of gender identity. It should be re-introduced next session. I know we will all fight for that one again.

Have a great week all......
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