Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Comment Form

Don't know if everyone is having issues with the comment form or not, B from endless love said she needed a google friend account but you should be able to sign in with your blogger web site?? It's called Blogspot URL on the form. Other blogging sites can (or should be able to) use the Open ID with their URL

I chose this one so pretty much everyone could just use their blogger accounts by entering the URL or Open ID or facebook or twitter or Yahoo etc.. but if you aren't getting all the options shown on the drop down list, I may need to see how to fix or remove it. I really like the options it gives but isn't worth it if it makes it harder than it is supposed to be.

If you cannot use it, click the contact me icon on the right and it will email directly to me. We use that Kontactr service for email so the spammers can't see the email and it hides the address from possible abusive types.

Thanks so much!
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