Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Our First Award!

Truth and Love After 40 is delighted to have received The Kreativ Blogger Award from Love, Lust and Life. Thank you LLnL!
The are two rules for the Kreativ blogger.

This post got posted too soon, LOL, so here is the updated version.....

The first rule is to write 7 things that make you happy. The second is to nominate seven of your favorite blogs for this award:

Lorrie's 7

  1. My kids!
  2. Loving Rebecca
  3. Rebecca loving Me!!
  4. It is less than one year till Rebecca moves to PA!
  5. Laughing with Rebecca
  6. Success with my work projects
  7. Friends and Family

The 7 things that make Rebecca happy are:

  1. My boys
  2. Loving Lorrie
  3. Being with Lorrie because Lorrie loves me
  4. The thought of finally moving to Pennsylvania to really BE with Lorrie
  5. Finishing school
  6. Seeing progress for our rights
  7. Blogging

Nominating 9 of our favorite Kreativ Blogs because we are over achievers:

Clever Creative and Gotta Girls new one - Living Inside Out

The Green Blog, LOL that's what we call the 40 Year Old Lesbian

The Surprise Dyke - I know I was.....

Burning or Building Bridges in the Community?

Domesticated Against My Will - don't we all feel that way somedays!

Cowtown Bisexual

Gloria's Oversexed Mind - speaks for itself......

Peaches & Coconuts

And Goombah's Rainbow - I want his graphic.

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