Friday, June 12, 2009

I'm still Alive....and still in Love!

Yes, I still exist....Life sometimes seem to take over doesn't it and there doesn't seem to be time to sit down and blog. And when there is time to sit down and blog, I end up sitting down and falling asleep!

Busy with work, things have picked up quite a bit in the lab after a slow winter. And now we are going through a reorganization so it will be interesting to see how everything works out with that.

My daughter was confirmed at church the end of May. It was a wonderful day, a nice church service followed by a family picnic at the house. She has grown up to be very beautiful and responsible and I am so very proud of her! Last night she started her first official job as a busser at a local fine dining restaurant; so I'm hoping for big tips for her because she sure likes to shop! Her lacrosse season recently ended and now field hockey practices have already started again!

My son is still keeping me busy running back and forth to his gymnastics team practice. He still loves it and he gets stronger by the week. Looking forward to watching him compete in the fall!

The last day of school is on Wednesday. This is the first summer I am not hiring a college student to hang out with the kids. I can't really call it babysit because the last couple of years I think she was being as much entertained by my kids as she was doing the entertaining; although she was there to break up the fights from time to time. So now I will see if it is possible for my 10 year old to listen to his 15 year old sister. It could be a long summer...

I am so looking forward to a little over five weeks from now...being in Reno with Rebecca!!!! For an entire seven days!!! OMG!! It is hard to think of anything else!!! Seven days together!!! For those of you that get to see your girl everyday, hold her everyday, talkto her face to face everyday, make love to her whenever you want, sit beside her and watch TV, eat dinner together and go to sleep together every night....don't take it for granted...enjoy it..enjoy each other every minute of every day!!!

I also have a trip to Vegas in August with friends and a wedding in the Outer Banks in September to look forward to!

So as busy and tiresome as life sometimes gets, there are still many many good moments; we just have to remember to slow down and enjoy them because sometimes the best moments happen when we least expect them!
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