Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I think I need a break for a day or two before the post on the QueerSpawn is finished, LOL. No, I don't like the name either, but they seem anyway here is some idle chit chat..

Hey, we have started a new social network, just exactly what the world needs, right? You have to join if you want to see the good stuff though. You can find it by clicking Late In Life Lesbians I have posted some pics for Ceara to use on her blog.........UH HUH!!!!! We think it could be fun, chatting, forums, etc., and hope you do too.

Lorrie, "taking a break from blogging and computers" still needs to sign up, by the way...... Lordy, woman, it has been long enough, your fans await!!!! Baby, they are starting to think I have thrown you OFF the bus!!!! NEVER!

Hmmmmmmmm, We need to get a new countdown clock too, it's just 6 weeks!!! (OK, that's done)

I switched my work schedule to swing shift, no more getting up at 3 am. So very nice!

AND the settings on comments are changed, per JS-Kit so that you all should be able to post comments again. You can upload avatars, pictures, videos and stuff.......
I used to ask myself this all the I know!!!
What are your thoughts?
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